Darlene Isaac                                                                                             

I have had the privilege of knowing Darlene and having her in my life since 1999 when I took a position with the Canadian Metis Council. Darlene’s infectious smile and laugh immediately made me feel at ease. Her warmth and willingness to share her stories and her indigenous cultural knowledge drew me in like a moth to a flame. Having been adopted at a young age away from the influences of my birth culture, Darlene awoke a passion in me with her gift for indigenous arts and crafts; it was she who taught me how to bead and make dream catchers. Spending time with Darlene helped me reconnect with indigenous roots that had always there, but never properly cultivated.

Darlene’s strength and healing is reflected in her openness to address and share stories of the abuse she endured at the hand of her own mother; a trauma perpetuated by her mother’s time in Indian Residential School. Before meeting Darlene, I had a vague inkling about Indian Residential School from watching the movie “Where the Spirit Lives,” but never truly understood its impact until I met her. Darlene was the first woman to openly share her trauma with me and how the effects of Indian Residential School shaped her into the proud, resilient person she is today. In many ways, Darlene became the indigenous mother I never had growing up and I will be forever grateful to her, her lessons, and our friendship. 

Athena Hache 

Moosonee, ON


You have such a gift of writing. The publishing of the book is the gateway to something bigger. Not only for you but for the thousands of survivors that will be inspired by your story. I feel truly honoured to be by your side (k’weedjiwin) while you embark on this new chapter. I will be one of the first, of many, to ask for your autograph! It is a privilege to watch this unfold for you. Shine my friend for so many people are waiting and know that I’m always with you. Heart to Heart 🧡

Love you lots and yes, dreams DO come true, your love and light are testament of that! 

Karen Watts 🤗💕 

Peterborough, Ontario


Darlene is a gentle selfless soul that I have the utmost honour of calling her my friend for the last while and counting. In the fall of 2018 in my beautiful motherland Kenya, our paths crossed when she came on a transformational trip. Years down the line our friendship has grown to a level that she is now part and parcel of my family. Darlene exudes love, selflessness, vibrancy, calmness, humour, generosity, positivity, she is a cultural ambassador, a teacher, a mother and an epitome of strength and resilience. Her life journey is a testimony, she is a living proof of how systemic racism not only affects an individual but a whole generation. Darlene’s courage to write this book is awe-inspiring and she is Unbwogable!

Wilberforce A. Amwayi 

Nairobi, Kenya


I met Darlene on a Global Citizens trip to Kenya, a trip awarded for work in volunteerism. We clicked from the get go. I was drawn to her open and compassionate nature. But most of all I loved her authenticity.  Darlene is always true to herself, never afraid to just be who she is. She never compromised her beliefs or her principles in her interactions with others.  She was always very light, very friendly and very very funny. The jokes we shared were often times never understood by anyone else but it would have us gasping for breath with laughter. Darlene was full of spirit.  But if you are lucky, you would also get to see the deeper quieter side of Darlene and be inspired by her experiences and life lessons. I am blessed to have been touched by her, to hear and share her stories of struggle and to be part of her tremendous growth and development. Her life story holds a mirror of truth for all us and helps to grow our compassion and conviction to do the right thing. It must be told– 

Anand Singh 



I want to take this time to say that it is a privilege and an honor to get to know this wonderful woman, Darlene Isaac. I have known Darlene for the past three years and became best friends from the moment we met. Darlene and I have a deep connection that is the support we each need. Although she has gone through so much pain, hurt and suffers with panic and anxiety disorder, still she has fought to change her past into something positive so she can help others. Darlene’s life has been a roller coaster throughout her years. She learned about the strength of spirituality and to know the universe and understand how the two could be healing force in her life, and that is how she became the person she is today. Darlene Isaac has come a very long way physically, spiritually and emotionally. She is one of the sweetest, kindest and most loving people that you can find on this planet Earth. Thank you, Darlene, for being a part of my life. Thank you so much for your love, your support and for being my friend.

Sanil Maharaj 



I first met Darlene Isaac in 2001. My first impression was that she was a joyous, welcoming spirit with a beaming smile and genuine warmth. Then I found out that she was a gifted artist, an engaging storyteller and an eloquent speaker. Through the years, I learnt more and more of her personal story of pain, resilience and sheer will in overcoming what could have been crippling circumstances. Instead of seeing them as weights to hold her back, she constantly used the darkness to give her momentum into bringing hope and inspiration to others. She used herself as a beacon of light to help others navigate any challenges they might be facing. She was a powerhouse philanthropist, keeping that part of herself in the background and keeping focus on bringing positivity to her communities. In 2020, when I founded the global CareMongering, a movement of mutual aid in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, I immediately knew that I wanted Darlene on my team to help people get through one of the darkest chapters in recent history. She accepted my call without hesitation and has been instrumental in helping tens of thousands find life-saving resources to survive challenging times. I am proud to support her in sharing her inspirational light and hope that her story will bring peace to those still struggling.

Mita Hans 

Toronto, On


Darlene Isaac is a fierce warrior who loves her community and is always lending a hand when needed.  Darlene has worked for the community to bring smiles on folks faces and will always stand up for what is right.  Darlene is loved by many and has the biggest heart.

Nicole Tanguay

Toronto, On 


I met Darlene and we had an instant connection.  We worked on a diversity committee together and Darlene brought a deep level of commitment, heart and realness to the table that has inspired me since.  When Darlene shares her story, it is with a genuine heart, emotion and integrity … People are moved and inspired.

William Fish 

Toronto, On


Darlene has had a long involvement with our company’s employee resource group for Indigenous employees – an involvement that has run parallel with her career journey – during which time she has been lauded for her efforts in launching and supporting initiatives, raising money, recruiting and mentoring members. Despite numerous personal challenges throughout her life, she has been steadfast in her drive to help others – even using her own experiences as an abuse survivor to counsel others through difficult times. The list of her community support efforts is considerable, from coordinating fundraising and volunteering for the annual Christmas Holiday Gift Box program (where she has helped provide gifts for around 8000 children in need) and participating in a corporate Diversity Hackathon to improve the Indigenous employee experience, to volunteering her personal time as a counsellor and speaker at a number of community organizations such as the Native Child & Family Services and Big Sisters to name a few. She also donates her artwork for fundraising and once created a logo for a Junior Achievers Group competition submission which ended up winning MOST INNOVATIVE PRODUCT/SERVICE AWARD. Do I think Darlene is special? YOU BET I DO!

Jim Miller 

Mississauga, On